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Yukon - Large Clear Backpacks / Pro Line

Yukon - Large Clear Backpacks / Pro Line

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Whether you need a clear backpack for school, a NASCAR event or travel; this is the clear backpack for you. It is the bag of choice for the staff here at We use it to carry our laptops to work, carry our kids swim gear to the pool and our binoculars to the races. It also makes traveling through the airports a snap. 


The Yukon Large Clear Backpack is our largest non-rolling clear bag measuring 12 x 17 x 5.5 inches with three generous pockets in the front and a utility pocket on the side. Like the entire Pro Line, the Yukon has ruggedized features and handles and is trimmed with gray.  

The Yukon is a great bag. We are confident you'll enjoy it.
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