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Boulder-Clean Briefcase Pro

Boulder-Clean Briefcase Pro

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The Boulder-Clean is part of our "Clean" Pro line. 

We overbuilt this clear briefcase creating the strongest clear option for carrying laptops, papers and books. This "Clean" version of the bag, has been engineered with the help of several major semiconductor chip manufacturers and fabrication room specialists. So, we have removed as much material, velcro and other surfaces that can hold and collect dirt and dust. And, yes, the bag is double stitched and has beefy durable zippers and handles. 

For the traveler, this bag is great for moving through crowded lines and continues to make it easy to find your stuff. 

Bag comes with our Fast Pass card/ticket holder in the front pocket and a sturdy nylon shoulder strap.

If you are in need of large wholesale orders, please contact the office at 618-452-2402 or 

Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 5 (plus front pocket with Fast-Pass)



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