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Aurora - Reflective - Large Clear Backpack / Pro Line

Aurora - Reflective - Large Clear Backpack / Pro Line

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The Aurora is our new top of the line bag. It has the same awesome features as all our bags, is the same size as the pro-line Yukon bag and is REFLECTIVE. All of the trim is reflective adding a little extra safety to your night time activities. 

Whether you need a clear backpack for school or a NASCAR event and want to be seen on your way back to the parking lot; whether you have to wait at the bus stop during the twilight hours or simply want to have the coolest bag around, try out an Aurora or two. 

The Aurora Reflective Large Clear Backpack is our largest non-rolling clear bag measuring 12 x 17 x 5.5 inches with three generous pockets in the front and a utility pocket on the side. Like the entire Pro Line, the Yukon has ruggadized features and handles and is trimmed with gray. And don't forget it has multiple feet of reflective trim so that you can be seen from several directions.

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