Wholesale Orders

Purchasing in bulk?

Clearbackpacks.com offers discounts for quantity orders. Our pricing model helps the small organization purchasing just 10 bags and the large retail stores purchasing 25,000 bags.

Please contact our office for details.

Next School Year is just around the corner

Preparing for next back to school season? Have a store with customers demanding clear backpacks? Then our newest bags can help. Besides the featured bags on the home pages of the site, ClearBackpacks.com is now taking orders for our new wholesale bags. The new bags are made with the same quality, care and materials as Rugged line, less the reflective ribbing. Call us today for pricing.

Interested parties can contact us at 800-701-2919.

Don't want to Inventory Bags?

If you a school with a clear backpacks policy or other organization with a need for clear backpacks, you might want to consider our affiliate program or our free shipping pre-order system.  Contact the office for details.