Quality, Safety and Great Design

Safety - Quality - Design

Clearbackpacks.com brand clear backpacks focus on three key elements, safety, quality and design. Each bag has been manufactured to meet the demands of our customers, adults and children. Our bags are used by kids at school, businesses requiring quick security searches and venues such as races and amusement parks.


Clear View of Contents: Using a clear bag obviously makes the contents visible for teachers, instructors, monitors and security personnel. Items can be quickly seen and users of the bags are less likely to try and "sneak" items through security. Clear backpacks area also easier for the attendant trying to help hundreds of people into a venue. 


Your Clearbackpacks.com clear backpack is built to the highest standards with the following features:

  1. Extra thick vinyl.
  2. Over 3 feet of extra support around the borders and pockets
  3. Heavy Duty Zippers
  4. Double stitching on seams
  5. Dual rugged handles to let you carry the bag vertically or horizontally
  6. Comfortable cushioned straps
  7. Easy to find zipper pull tabs
  8. Dual Zippers on main compartment
  9. Clearbackpacks.com Warranty


"These bags are cool" Many of our customers buy the clear bags to make their own lives easier. For example, take them to the beach. And when carrying our bags, you'll understand there is a wow factor. People will ask where you found the bag ... please remember to send them our way!

What can we say? Part of the fun of having a backpack is having a cool backpack.

The bags may cost a little more, but when you see the quality with the big zippers and serious handles, rugged feet you'll know you have one of the best designed bags around.

Demand the best, "Clearbackpacks.com"


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